God Given Authority

Authority, “the power or right to enforce obedience”.
God has given you all authority over your life.

For authority to be effective it must be properly understood.

To exercise authority over your life, you must first exercise authority over your mind.

Most people don’t have control over their life because they have not controlled what is being fed into their most precious asset, their heart.

Your mind is constantly being exposed to all kinds of ideas, beliefs and experiences. These ideas, beliefs and experiences are then accepted as truth and enter your heart. They then become your ideas, beliefs, and experiences.

Most of us were fed the belief, with plenty of examples, that we have no control over our circumstances, that in fact we are at the mercy of our circumstances.

To change our experience we must simply change our mind.

To do this we must feed our mind on media that talks about and demonstrates the God given power of the human spirit. We must shut off exposure to media that tells us we are victims. We must replace it with media that teaches us that we are brilliant, powerful, beautiful, and abundant in all areas, lacking in nothing, ie. God.

After you have saturated your mind with these new amazing truths, you will understand that to master your experience, you only have to master your mind.

This state of mind gives you the ability to exercise your God given authority with amazing results!

God Given Authority

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