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Each month Shayne Hammond’s online audio’s are recorded and added to the site. We are excited about the material that is shared at these meetings so we offer them to you free of charge. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!

Please note: each recording is approx. 1 hour in length.

Unlimited resources within

by Shayne Hammond | 28th November 2011

Influences become reality

by Shayne Hammond | 17th October 2011

The Secret to Freedom

by Shayne Hammond | 11 July 2011

Get a Life

by Shayne Hammond | 16th May 2011

The transfer of thoughts

by Shayne Hammond | 4th April 2011

Rule or be ruled

by Shayne Hammond | 7th March 2011

Learning to fly

by Shayne Hammond | 7th February 2011

Total Control

by Shayne Hammond | 6th December 2010

The world moves for the man who has made up his mind

by Shayne Hammond | 8th November 2010

You must decide

by Shayne Hammond | 4th October 2010

Why is it taking so long?

by Shayne Hammond | 30th August 2010

Keys to the kingdom

by Shayne Hammond | 2nd August 2010

Are your beliefs traitors?

by Shayne Hammond | 28th June 2010

Surrounded by love

by Shayne Hammond | 31st May 2010

The nature of competition

by Shayne Hammond | 3rd May 2010

The illusion of reality

by Shayne Hammond | 29th March 2010

Guard your heart

by Shayne Hammond | 1st Februray 2010

The enemy within

by Shayne Hammond | 7th December 2009

Get wisdom, get everything

by Shayne Hammond | 26th October 2009

Confidence your greatest ally, fear your only enemy

by Shayne Hammond | 28th September 2009

Believe and succeed

by Shayne Hammond | 24th August 2009

Don't Fake It, Feel It!

by Shayne Hammond | 27th July 2009

Your Power is Now

by Shayne Hammond | 29th June 2009

The Eternal Law of Life

by Shayne Hammond | 25th May 2009

A Born Creator

by Shayne Hammond | 27th April 2009

Being Controls Doing

by Shayne Hammond | 29th March 2009


by Shayne Hammond | 2nd March 2009

Responsability & Passion Part II

by Shayne Hammond | 16th February 2009

Responsability & Passion Part I

by Shayne Hammond | 2nd February 2009

Thoughts, Words, Themes & Manifestations

by Shayne Hammond | 8th December 2008

Love: God's Power in Us

by Shayne Hammond | 24th November 2008

Generating Quicker Results

by Shayne Hammond | 10th November 2008

From Mr Average to Ultra Success

by Shayne Hammond | 20th October 2008

Perfecting the Process

by Shayne Hammond | 6th October 2008


by Shayne Hammond | 25 August 2008

Generating Positive Emotions Part II

by Shayne Hammond | 28th July 2008

Generating Positive Emotions Part I

by Shayne Hammond | 14th July 2008

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