Past Messages

The Nature Of Competition.

To understand the true nature of competition, you must first understand the principal of unity and oneness in the universe.

Have you ever watched a sporting event where the two teams or opponents are evenly matched in ability. One is the champion and the other is the newcomer. For three quaters of the game or match it’s neck and neck, nothing seperating them. Then the champion gets a slight edge, and within a short period of time the newcomer falls to pieces and the champion ends up with a thrashing over his opponent, causing you to forget how close it was for most of the match.

This outcome has nothing to do with their skill and everything to do with what they believe about themselves.

One believes he is a champion, the other believes he might be.

Most people would probably agree with this statement. What most people may not realise is that there is another game, a parallel game, going on in the spiritual world.

In the spiritual world there can only be harmony and so when two opposing thoughts come near each other they must come to some conclusion that allows them to get along. In other words they must come to an agreement. So in a competitive situation one thought must submit to the other to have agreement. A superior thought will force all other thoughts to become inferior until it comes up against a thought that says, “NO, I WILL NOT SUBMIT”.

In this case there is friction momentarily until what was the superior thought says “Well we have to come to an agreement, there cannot be disharmony, so I will have to submit to you”.

A new champion is born!

Disunity cannot exist in the spiritual world.

Having this knowledge gives you the strength to be single minded about your desire and NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER.

The truth about competition is, there really is no competition.

Once you are settled and steadfast in your mind, everyone and everything will become settled and steadfast with you. When your’e uncertain, your experience or enviroment is uncertain. In speaking about moving mountains, Jesus said, get your eyes off the mountain and onto yourself.

It’s not about the mountain, it’s about you.

You and the mountain are ONE, you are connected, it just looks like you are seperated.

Once you are convinced you can move mountains, the mountain will move.  

To be convinced, means to not be double minded.

To be single minded, simply is to stop changing your mind. THIS IS FAITH.

Keep choosing the same thing and feel good knowing that you are one with the world, so your choice must become the worlds choice. 

Your Power is Now.

“NOW faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Heb 11:1

Whether your’e thinking about yesterday, pondering the events of today, visualising your future in ten years time, or remembering an experience in your childhood, you are creating NOW, in this current moment.

The creative powerhouse within you, your heart or spirit, is always active in the present tense. It is always in the present time zone of “NOW”.

I believe the reason why so many people’s lives seem to never change much after the age of eighteen, is because their thoughts are generally on today and yesterday, most of their thought time is spent pondering the events of the current week and the weeks gone by, so there is a familiar theme to their lives.

The names and faces may change, but similar people and events keep coming into their lives, like walking through a revolving door. Things are constantly changing, they just keep changing to the same thing.

Your HEART or SPIRIT doesn’t discern between what you do want and what you don’t want. It doesn’t discern between past, present or future. It doesn’t discern between true or false, (whatever that is), realisitic or unrealistic. That is the job of your conscious thinking mind. Your HEART responds to THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS.


Now read this passage very carefully,

“Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be though removed and be though cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his HEART but shall BELIEVE that those things which he says shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he says”.

“Therefore what things soever you desire, when you pray, BELIEVE that you recieve them and you shall have them”.

“And when your’e praying FORGIVE if you have anything against anybody; that your father which is in heaven may forgive you”.

“But if you do not forgive, neither will your father in heaven forgive you”. mark 11:23-26





This is how the human spirit creates.

Whatever you are experiencing or have experienced is of no relevence to your heart.

It is NOT responding to your experiences.

It is a creation machine and it IS responding to your THOUGHTS and FEELINGS

Your THOUGHTS and FEELINGS are taken as your desire, your command, and acted upon.

Don’t fool your heart by remembering past failures and hurtful experiences.

Create an incredible future by rehearsing your past successes in great detail, generating a feeling of excitement and confidence !

Tell your heart that you are an outstanding achiever !

These thoughts and feelings of success and happiness are accepted as BELIEF, and taken as your command for the future.


You are brilliant. A Born Creator.

You have had awesome creative power since the day you were born. The power to have or be anything you can imagine.
Not understanding this is the greatest downfall of mankind.
We kill, steal, and destroy to get the things we think we desperately need, because we feel we must, we think there is no other way to get what we desire.

And all our lives, the things we think we need are inside of us, waiting and ready to be brought into manifestation.
2 Peter 1:2-3 “Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the KNOWLEDGE of God and of Jesus our lord.”
“According as his divine power has (that’s past tense) given unto us ALL things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the KNOWLENGE of him that calls us to glory and virtue.”
You don’t have the things, but you do have the POWER to get the things!

The POWER is in the KNOWLEDGE.

Knowledge is knowing that all things already exist in their raw form, ENERGY or THOUGHT.
Take responsibility for whatever messes you’ve created and you’ll be set free. Free to consciously create the incredible life you desire and deserve. Trust yourself, trust the power within you. It hasn’t let you down yet! We’ve let it down with our ignorance.

It’s no harder to create the life we dream of having, than it is to create whatever mess we have now.
Just the revelation that we did it all.

New Year Message

With the new year fast approaching, now is the time to decide what the year ahead will bring.
By the end of 2009, what will we have accomplished, will we look back and say this was the year i broke through, this was the year i got it figured out. This was the year i realised there’s nothing standing between me and my dreams, just the ability to match positive feeling with my visualisation, words and ideas.
This was the year i learnt “the art of believing”.
I believe there’s absolutely nothing standing between you and your desires.
I don’t care what you are experiencing or what obstacles seem to be in your way, you have everything that is required to get you from where you now stand to the fulfillment of your dream.
Of course you can never reach your destiny if you don’t know what it is you want to accomplish.
So decide where your going to be at the end of 2009.
Write a short statement saying what you will accomplish.
Make a committment to spending at least 20 minutes twice a day experiencing internally the manifestation of your vision.
Experiment in your imagination with different scenarios, expand on your dream or perhaps phase it back a notch or two.
Look at it from different angles, look at it when it’s half finished or when it’s completely fulfilled. See it from a spectators point of view, watching the scene unfold before you or be there inside yourself fully experiencing the moment.
Maybe don’t see it at all, but affirm it with references, repeatedly.
Which one of these actions works best ? They all work.
But the one that will work the best for you is the one that makes you feel positive, whether it’s enthusiasm, excitement, power or peace.
As you feel that emotion, return again and again to that vision or statement. When you focus and refocus on your dream stimulating positive feeling, you are accessing the creative power of the universe, THE POWER OF GOD.
The first sign of manifestion is that more and more thoughts and ideas will come to you.
Soon after that you will see signs that your belief is affecting the world and your level of excitement will increase, because as well as achieving your goal you are growing in the awareness that YOU really are in control of YOUR DESTINY.
Which is perhaps the greatest achievement of all.

The Eternal Law Of Life.

Cause and Effect or Seedtime and Harvest.
There is an unseen eternal law governing this universe.

“I call Heaven and Earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you LIFE and DEATH, Blessing and Cursing: therefore CHOOSE LIFE.” Deut 30:19.

This law cannot be violated, it is impersonal, it is neither for you or against you. It just is.

It can be depended upon, it doesn’t change, it is constant. It is eternal.

Understanding this law makes you extremely powerful. It puts you in control of your life and your destiny.

Not understanding this law renders you powerless. It leaves you with the belief that you are at the mercy of circumstances. You become filled with anxiety, fear, and frustration. These are states of being that the universe accepts as your choice, and in return will bring you experiences that are worthy of anxiety, fear, and frustration.

So no matter what negative circumstance you may be experiencing, change and success are never far away.

With a change of thought and a change of feeling, will come a change of experience.

The starting point for change is to recieve this truth, that this law REALLY DOES EXIST !

Accept that you are in control, and if you are failing, you have just made some choices in ignorance.

Now your feeling good, and ready to make some new, better, choices.

Remember, what you THINK and FEEL, is what you choose.

And the universe is programmed to bring you experiences that match your choices.

Passion and Responsibility

You will never meet a successful person that is a VICTIM and lacks PASSION.

You will never meet a failure who takes RESPONSIBILITY and is PASSIONATE about what he does.


Every extremely, successful, person will always have two outstanding qualities in their character.

1. RESPONSIBILITY,that is, they are not a victim.

They believe they have control over their circumstances, and if things aren’t right, they will look to see where “they” are in error.

2.PASSION, they have intense enthusiasm and love for what they do. They may not know they have thses qualities, they may not understand these principles, they may be doing this unconsciously. But they will always have these two qualities, and if they ever lose either of them their success will dissappear.

When you accept responsibility for why things are, the way they are, you will experience two incredible emotions.

The first one is relief or peace, because you realise there’s nothing to be afraid of.

If this is all you do, with the absence of fear alone, your quality of life will begin to improve immediatly. Many of your negative experiences will cease to happen.

After the emotion of PEACE, will come EXCITEMENT or PASSION,ie. LOVE.

Gal.5:6 “FAITH worketh by LOVE”
This love or passion that you now feel for your desires is the POWER of GOD, and as you focus and re-focus on your desires with this power operating through you, the universe will respond, bringing to you all the nessessary ingredients to cause your desire to manifest.


These four words are interchangeable.

The Irresistible Power Of Love.


If you are facing obstacles that are stopping you from living the life you desire, you need to LOVE THEM TO DEATH!

In the presence of love, obstacles melt away.

Literally LOVE is the force that will destroy every obstacle standing in your way. This is because “Faith worketh by love”.Gal 5:6
Most of the time when we try to tackle a problem in our life, whether it be financial lack, sickness, relationship breakdowns, or any kind of trouble, in trying to change it, we are usually focused on all the negative aspects of the problem. As we focus on these negative aspects, instead of feeling confident and powerful, we feel terrible, weak and afraid. So the force that’s actually emanating from us is usually fear, worry, resentment or hatred.
These forces are defenitely not love, and are never going to change that situation positively, in fact they are going to add to it and strengthen it in it’s negativeity.

You may think this what you should be doing, because you think you have got to address the situation to change it. But this the last thing you should be doing.


So what is love?

LOVE, to have passionate desire and affection for.

LOVE, an intense emotion of affection.

PASSION, ardent love or affection, intense love.

PASSION, strong affection or enthusiasm for an object or concept. *Oxford dictionary

If you have had trouble getting your faith to work for you, or you have had some problem that you just can’t seem to move, remember the way you have been feeling when you think about the situation your trying to change.

If you have been trying for a while and that situation has not changed, I guarantee, it’s because of your negative feelings.

You need to find ways of thinking and speaking about that situation that bring forth positive feelings.

The more positive feeling, ie. LOVE. The more POWER .

The more power, the quicker the change.

A lot of the time when we think we are addressing a problem, we are actually just worrying about it. So it will help just to forget it altogether and focus on something that’s going well in life.

Just by not adding to the problem with your negative emotion you will see a change take place. Then after focusing on what’s working in your life and thinking good feeling thoughts for a while, you may feel you can address the problem in a new way that stimulates a positive feeling.

Now when you can think of that negative situation and feel excitement, power, enthusiasm or peace, you are FEELING THE POWER OF LOVE, and faith worketh by love.


Don't fake it, Feel It.

Success in any situation in life is only a feeling away.
“He that loveth not knoweth not God; for GOD is LOVE.” 1 John 4:8

Access the FEELING of LOVE and you have accessed the POWER of GOD.

Often when faced with negative circumstances we think the circumstance or situation is harming or destroying our life.

We are mistaken.

It’s not circumstances that cause us to fail, but how those circumstances make us feel. The FEELING of FEAR is what destroys us.

When we feel fear we stop the flow of the life giving force of LOVE. ie GOD.

When we feel excitement, peace, enthusiasm, power, confidence, contentment, relaxation, happiness and the like, we have accessed God and released the IRRISISTIBLE POWER OF LOVE.

If we are to achieve great success in life, we must first learn the art of maintaining a good feeling in the midst of a negative or hostile enviroment.

This is a skill that the great aheivers of our planet have, and that the masses have no idea about.

This is one of the main reasons why success is so rare and failure so dominant in the majority of peoples lives.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” proverbs 23:7
To believe in your heart means to think with a matching or conguent feeling.

Thoughts with matching feeling equals believing.
And what you believe, you will recieve.

Confidence is your greatest ally. Fear your only enemy.

What a trap it is to forget you are the creator of your reality.

It’s a terrible state to be lost in your experience, wondering why you are so far from where you want to be. Not knowing why you can’t get a break or how much work you have to do before you see some sign of success.

I can’t think of just about anything worse than trying everything you know to do, and still coming up short.

That feeling of helplessness is a killer.

The anxiety of racking your brain with “Where did I go wrong ?” ” Why isn’t it working ?”

I believe these mental states are a place called hell. It’s not a place you want to stay.

You stay in that place too long and you’ll turn nightmares into reality.

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” john 8:32

Knowing you are the creator of your experience, and how you do it, makes you free !

That feeling of freedom is absolute bliss, it’s heaven. Nothing to fear nothing to worry about.

It’s the launching pad for an exceptional life.

Grab this truth and hold on to it. Recieve it, accept it, and love it. Feel good about it.

In fact make it your daily routine to meditate on it, and feel good about it.

As you keep focusing on this truth your worries will begin to dissappear. Your anxiety will begin to transform into peace. Your peace will to transform into confidence. Your confidence will to transform into boldness, and your boldness will transform into absolute fearlessness. Your personality will be transformed, and you will feel like a new person. Understand, how you feel is incredibly important.

As you think And speak about your future in this state of confidence and peacefulness, circumstances and troubles that you have been trying to change for ages will fade away.

That success that you desperately wanted, but seemed beyond your grasp, will flow to you effortlessly.

This is because you are the creator of your experience.

But to create the life you desire you must know it and feel it !

Get wisdom, get everything.

“Why is it that I can’t get a break “?
“How can it be that I can try as hard as I do, give everything I can, and then some more, and still lose” ?
“Why is it that I see others put in less than half the effort I do and achieve ten times more” ?

“Why ? Why ? Why ?”

Because you are the creator of your reality, and every time you ask that question, and make that statement, you proclaim to the universe that you are weak and helpless, ie. a victim of circumstances that are out of your control.

And the universe, which is your servant, says “Yes sir, right away sir.”

“Give him the experience where nothing works, no matter how hard he tries.”

“Oh, except with health, because with health he never makes those statements, he’s always saying and thinking, “I never get sick, don’t believe in it.”

“But everywhere else, make it hard as hell for him.”

This dialogue running through your mind creates your emotional state, and gives birth to your beliefs.

A belief is nothing more than a statement that is run repetitively through your mind. As a statement is run through your mind it draws to itself emotion and becomes a spiritual force. These spiritual forces leave your mind and create your world.

So the next time you catch yourself worrying and complaining, realise that you are giving commands to your heart to create the very thing you are stating.


And the universe and God only has one answer, “YES”.

The Enemy Within

Over a period of months, I found myself more and more often, wondering what had happened. Where had the self confidence, the feeling of invincibility, the bravado, gone. Why had the success that had once been so easy, and predictable, all but dissappeared. And what did I have to do to get it back ?

This constant questioning was becoming habitual. The more I searched and wondered, the more helpless I felt. But it wasn’t just that I was feeling bad, things weren’t working like they once had. ” I mean I’m not imagining this, it’s just not working any more, everything I’ve achieved I’m losing”. “I’ve got to work this out quick”.

But nothing changed. The more I wondered and searched, the worse I felt, and the worse things got.

One day as I sat in my usual spot going over the weeks and months losses, searching for an answer as to where I had gone wrong, there was music playing in the background.

I sat there, feeling like superman, chained to a huge piece of kriptonite. I started listening to the words of the song that was playing.

“Here it comes again, slowly creeping in”.

“It settles in it’s place, a shadow in my face. It’s pressure in my day”.

“This life, well it’s slipping right through my hands. These days turned out nothing like I had planned”. “Control, well it’s slipping through my hands”.


It seemed as though the singer new exactly what I was thinking and feeling, and had sung it back to me. As if to say “hey wake up, this is what you are doing”.

I thought, could it be that I have done this to myself ? Could it be that the voice within my mind, that had once been my champion, had turned on me and become my enemy ? Working against me, weakening me. Stripping me of my confidence, faith and strength.

Over the next week I stopped searching, stopped wondering,and stopped all negative talk in my mind.

I started making strong, powerful, positive statements about myself and my circumstances, in my mind and aloud, everyday. I even spoke and thought with a more authoritive tone.

Over a period of a week my personality changed, and I began noticing how different I felt.

Confidence was coming back.

The world was changing, “Was everything in my world obeying this voice ?”

The future seemed unlimited once again, and I was looking forward to the challenges of life instead of being afraid of them.

It felt like an old friend, who had gone missing, had returned.

A friend who was fearless and dependable.

My greatest friend had returned.

Not long after he returned success in all areas came back as well.

Guard Your Heart

GUARD YOUR HEART, for out of it flow the forces of life.

Your heart is your greatest resource.
It is the creative centre of a person. It does not make judgements or have opinions,it is the powerhouse of the human spirit. It creates.
Not understanding this is the source of frustration and FAILURE.

What your heart creates, is not a decision that it makes, but rather a decision that the conscious thinking mind makes. Your mind is the guard that stands watch over your heart ensuring that only what is desired is allowed to enter the sacred creative centre of your being.

Your heart has no knowledge of what is being experienced in your enviroment. It only deals with the knowledge that is passed onto it by the conscious thinking mind.

What is passed onto it, can be carefully chosen thoughts, images, and feelings, based on what you want to experience. Or random uncontrolled data, recieved fom your enviroment via your senses.

Since the day we were born, most of us (nearly everyone), has opened wide the gates of their most treasured possession, their heart.

We have ignorantly allowed negative, destructive, thoughts, images and ideas to repetitively bombard our creative centre. This process has programmed our heart to bring us mediocrity at best and misery,failure and rejection at worst.


Stop the flow of negative stimuli entering your heart, and change the course of your life.

Stop focusing on the negative aspects of your enviroment.

Fix your attention on what you want to believe. Concentrate on information, through books, cd’s, tapes, videos that tell you how great you are, and that you can be, do, have anything you can concieve.

Think, speak, imagine and feel the way you want life to be, not the way it is. You will bombarde your heart with this stimuli and reprogramme it with a new agenda.

The greatest man that ever walked the planet, travelled around constantly ignoring things the way they were. But thought, spoke, and acted as though things were the way He wanted He wanted them to be.“Calling things that be not, as though they are”. For this He was often misunderstood by the people around Him. He called water, wine. He called the dead, living. He called a little, a lot, feeding more than 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.

He programmed His heart for success, while being surrounded by failure.

What a success He was !

Success in any situation can never be any further away than a change of heart.

The Illusion of Reality

God brings the dead to life, and He does it by “calling things that be not, as though they are”

Since the day we were born we were taught that we must face the facts. “You can’t argue with reality”.

If this is good advice, then Jesus was the craziest man that ever walked the planet.

What was wrong with that guy ? He just couldn’t seem to accept reality.

He called water wine, He said Lazarus was only sleeping, when he was dead. He called a raging storm, peaceful and still. He told a cripple man to stand and walk. He told leppers to go show themselves to the priests, something only done when you are cleansed or healed. He told 10,000 hungry people to sit down so he could feed them with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.

Either this guy was completely insane or a genius.

Lets face some facts.

The water became wine. Lazarus arose and came to life.

The storm became peaceful and still. The cripple stood, picked up his mat and walked home.

The leppers were healed as they went to show themselves to the priests.

The 10,000 hungry people were filled, leaving 12 baskets of leftovers.


Jesus knew the secret behind so called reality.

He knew the temporary nature of reality, and that the source of all reality comes from within the human spirit, and is released through thought, word and action.

Jesus, thought, spoke and acted according to His vision, according to His dream, according to His desire, not according to reality.

He was was never decieved by the illusion of reality.

Then He said ” these things and more, shall ye do also”.

Your reality is only as real or permanent, as the attention or focus you give it.

Think, speak, feel and act as though your dreams are either here or on their way, and watch your reality shift and change to match them.

How things are is temporary, subject to change.

What is eternal is you, God and the power to create any reality you desire. rom 4:18

Surrounded by Love

God’s love is not some religious mumbo jumbo.

It is real, and it surrounds us everywhere we go and at all times.

Love is Gods gift to us. It is the power to recieve anything we need or desire, and it IS the thing we need or desire !

He sent it as love and we recieve it as the thing we are believing for !

It is the process and it is the stuff. It is the way and it is the thing.

GOD IS LOVE 1 john 4:8


No matter where we are or what we are facing, nothing can seperate us from the love of God.

It is always present in all circumstances, everywhere.

When we are focused on our troubles, and what we don’t want, we are in fear and shut ourselves off from being able to recieve that love. But it is still there with us.

The minute we turn from our fears, and put our attention on our dreams and desires, we flick the switch and that love that surrounds us begins to flow into our lives.

As we focus our attention on recieving the things and experiences we desire, whether we are speaking, visualising,daydreaming or planning, we are accessing the power of God and we know it because we can feel it.


HOPE is deciding what you want.

FAITH is the knowledge, “I can and will have this thing I want”.

LOVE is that powerful, positive, FEELING born out of the knowledge that you are recieving your desire.

To love is to have a passionate desire and feelings for a person, thing or a concept.

Stop worrying and shutting yourself off from the answer that you so desperately want.

Start thinking and feeling good about recieving all thosegreat things that are already yours, they are with you now and always have been.


Are your beliefs traitors?

For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.

I was not in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I quiet; yet trouble came.” job 3:24-25

Actions without belief will never be effective. Why ? Because beliefs rule experience.

Job took action. According to his religion, they were the right actions to take. They worked for many others and should have worked for him. But while he was taking the right actions, he was thinking failure (worrying) and feeling afraid (fear).

What he was thinking and feeling,controlled what showed up in his experience.

His actions could not overcome his belief.

So many times in life we try to find the right actions to change our experience, to bring us success. Just as Job did. We try to change our actions until we find one that works.We try doing the same thing different ways. Or try doing completely different things. Some of us find a way that works and some of us die trying.

But there is another way.

Realise that your beliefs are causing your actions to fail, (which is why the same actions work for others).

So instead of altering your actions in search of success, change the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging them.

Once you have decided what you want to achieve you must have beliefs that support your endeavors. Your beliefs will cause your actions to be incredibly effective, they will cause fortunate circumstances to come your way. They will cause new ideas to pop into your mind.What was complicated will become simple. Your beliefs will literally carry you to your dream.

So what is a belief ?

A belief is just a thought that is run repetitively through your mind with some degree of congruent emotion. It can be based on experience, yours or someone elses. It can be based on something you have heard, seen, or read. It can be based on anything actually, which is why we often think someone elses beliefs are crazy. Often beliefs are nothing more than mental habits.

If your having trouble getting things to work out and your efforts are not effective look, into your mind.

Throw out those old, weak, insipid beliefs that are hiding in your mind, they are traitors, and they have to go.

Replace them with life giving beliefs that will empower you to achieve your dreams

Try some of these.

All things are possible to him that can believe. mark 9:23

I have favour with God and man. luke 2:52

With long life will He satisfy me. psalm 91:16

The Lord renews my youth like the eagles. psalm 103:5

By Jesus stripes I was healed. 2 peter 2:24

I am guarded in all my ways by angels, and they lift me up so I won’t even dash my foot against a stone. psalm 91:10-12

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. phill 4:13

I let the peace of God rule in my heart and I refuse to worry about anything. Col 3:15

And I having received the gift of righteousness do reign as a king in life. rom 5:17

Nothing can separate me from the love of God. rom 8:39

Why is it taking so long?

For nothing is secret, thet shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid,that shall not be known and come abroad. Luke 8:17

If you want to know what’s going on in that hidden, secret place, called your mind ,take note of what’s showing up in your experience.

I believe that often life seems to be so mysterious because we are unaware of what’s going on in our secret place (mind).

Many times after struggling in certain areas of life, it has finally dawned on me that for years I’d thought that these areas were tough, or unattainable, or just harder than other parts of life.I’d been doing this for so long it had become habitual and therefor I was doing it unconsciously. I’m sure many people have a similar experience.

These negative beliefs started out as a single thought, they became strong beliefs after they were re-run and rehearsed,many times in my mind.

A belief is nothing more than thinking the same thing over and over.

Think it once, it’s a thought.

Think it a thousand times, it’s a belief.

Therefor to have a strong belief is to be single minded ie. keep repeating a single thought.

This what all champions do, they just keep thinking the same thing.

No matter what they have just experienced, such as failure,they don’t change their mind.

If thoughts are creative, then the secret to success, is to stop changing your mind.

Winners keep choosing the same thing (success), and whenever your winning, you do too.

Learning to fly

Gravity doesn’t try to pull you down, a flower doesn’t try to bloom, and a bird doesn’t worry about how to fly.

A bird is born with an unconscious knowingness that it can fly.It grows up surrounded by brilliant flyers that soar through the sky with ease.

But what would happen to that bird if it was born into a family where they had forgotten how to fly. Where the birds walked because they thought flying was too dangerous and not practical. What if it was told daily that the ability to fly was not for everyone, but for a few elite birds, that if it stuggled and strained as hard as it could it might just make it one day, but probably not. What would become of that bird and the generations after it.

What you know you are capable of is not the truth, it’s just your truth, and your truth is your ceiling, you’ll never rise above it.

But what if you knew more, what if you thought you were capable of more.

What if you knew that the only limit to anything in your life was whatever you know at any given moment.

What if you were being fed daily the belief that you are the creator of your experience, that anything your mind can concieve it can acheive.

What if you surrounded yourself with people who either directly or through books and c.d’s demonstrated this to be true in their lives.

Then you would change what’s true for you.

Then you would know how to live a life that’s amazing and outstanding as easily as a bird knows how to fly.

So if you want to learn how to fly, hang out with eagles.

Total Control

If you have no control over your circumstances, you’re not controlling your mind. Don’t be fooled, it looks like life, but it’s not life, it’s you.

If that feels like a slap in the face then you’ve forgotten who you are. Consider it a wake up call.

If you don’t like what you’re experiencing, take control of your mind.Primarily this means control what you are exposing it to.

Consider your mind like a small child, totally vulnerable to the teachings and influences of it’s enviroment. Like an ignorant, innocent,little child it will not say no to negative destructive influences.

If convincing and consistent, it will accept anything as gospel.

A heavy price will be paid for not keeping keeping guard over this priceless asset. It will bring to you failure and misery just as readily as it will success and joy.

The world moves for the man who has made up his mind.

The world moves for the man who has made up his mind, and will not take no for an answer.
Our greatest barrier to success is the over complication of the process.
Decide what you want and comitt to that decision.
We clog up our brilliant hearts and minds with unnecessary and irrelevent facts and information. All this does is weaken our ability and shut down the spiritual genius inside us.

In the story taken from 2 kings 20:1-6, king Hezekiah was given a message by the great prophet Isaiah,”Set your house in order for thou shalt die, and not live”.

This was a death setence from God almighty himself.

And what did Hezekiah do ?

He turned his face to the wall and said “I do not accept this”.

He did not meekly say “oh well I guess my time is up”. With incredible passion he said “I want more life”!

Before Isaiah got out of the palace, God told him to go back and tell Hezekiah,”I’ve heard your prayer, I’ve seen your passion, you’ll have 15 more very successful years”.

Confusion and doubt are killers.

The necessary requirements for success are, singleness of mind, definiteness of purpose,determination and persistence.

Can it be that simple ? What about the million and one details unique to every situation. Ah, when you ask this question you’ve stumbled onto the problem.

When most people think of “details” unique to their situation, what they really mean is obstacles.

While you are thinking about these obstacles, you cannot have singleness of mind, you are not being definite, it will weaken your determination, and you certainly won’t persist.

That’s a fairly accurate description of what a lot of people do when trying to achieve something.

Then after doing this for a period of time, they give up and move onto something else, only repeat the same unsuccessful process.

The neccessary requirements for success are,

1. Singleness of mind.

2.Definiteness of purpose.

3. Determination.

4. Persistence.

there must be heaven too

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God Given Authority

God Given Authority

Authority, “the power or right to enforce obedience”.
God has given you all authority over your life.

For authority to be effective it must be properly understood.

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You Must Decide

You Must Decide

A great secret to the success of champions is so simple, yet a major stumbling block for most people.

It is not a coincidence champions decide what they want with great passion, and then with absolute conviction they comitt to that decision.

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Rule Or Be Ruled

Rule Or Be Ruled

Without conscious thought, definite decisions and plans, your mind will be infiltrated by it’s enviroment.

If you haven’t taken a stand and made an absolute decision in a particular area of life, you’ve decided to go with the flow.

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The transfer of thoughts

The transfer of thoughts

Being influenced by certain people and certain enviroments has caused us to think what we think and believe what we believe. These influences have shaped our personality and are the cause of the state of mind we walk around with on a daily basis.

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Get a life

Get a life

Feeling dull, bored or depressed will cause heart failure.
If you’re not feeling excited, you’ve either taken your eyes off your dream or you haven’t got one.

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Repeat these thoughts to yourself, speaking with passion and conviction, generating a feeling of confidence, power and excitement.

Or just quietly mull them over allowing them to sink deeply into your mind.

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