Steps for Generating Positive Emotions

No matter what your desire is, there is one key factor that if understood and used properly would create greater intensity in your meditating time and bring about quicker results. This effortless step is often overlooked, simply put, it is generating positive emotions (or feelings).

Most people think that when doing your confessions/ affirmations/ meditating/ visualising that this is enough. And doing these things is vitally important don’t get me wrong, however what plants the desires you are believing for firmly into your spirit and with greater expectancy, is the positive feelings that are generated by the above actions you are taking.

Often I have found that in one goal I’m getting really excited, it almost seems effortless to generate the positive emotions and cause the desire to become more real to me, and then in other areas, I had to play around a lot more with the tools I was working with, whether it be due to the fact that the words I was using were causing me to remember past failures or that the image I was creating was directly grating against an issue I was facing that seemed so real. Whatever the case was, I took for granted this step, only now to realise how vital it is to the success of those I’ve been teaching.

It’s helpful to think of our emotions like a gauge to let us know how effective our faith work will be in manifesting our desires. I believe when our state of mind generates a positive emotion, our spirit, which is connected with God, the creative source of the universe, is confirming that we are operating effectively given what we desire, and that manifestation is in progress!

Keep in mind we are all designed to have control over our thoughts, words & actions, but most of us are still under developed when it comes to controlling our emotions. We can gain control of our emotions by the words and scenarios we think on, and the references we surround ourselves with. And we can also generate the emotions or feelings that suit us in the same way.

STEP 1: Stop.
STEP 1: Stop

Realise the way you are feeling is critical to bringing about results. If you are getting anxious, frustrated or any negative feelings then stop what you are doing & start doing something different. Tips:

  • Use scriptures that inspire you and remind you of who you are and the ability that you possess
  • Read over some parts of an inspiring or motivational book that makes you feel good
  • Listen to music that generates positive feelings

By using steps similar to the above prior to your meditating session, you can save a lot of time. Instead of ‘trying” to get the feeling: you would be starting off with a good feeling and building on it.

STEP 2: Change

Change your picture or confessions to get you more excited. As stated earlier, sometimes the words or pictures we are using are causing us to feel negative.

If this is the case for you, try some of the ideas below:

  • Changing the scenarios, i.e. Instead of having the boss came and offer you a promotion (since he’s been a jerk from the day you met him anyway and it goes against your normal experience) imagine telling someone you love about the promotion and imagine their excited response.
  • Sometimes the future you would like is too much for your imagination to handle, and brings about a negative feeling, so start with a small improvement that generates a better feeling, then as you are feeling good gently add more and more detail expanding your dream to the point where you feel satisfied.  
  • Use words that get you pumped; sometimes a particular word or phrase may work for one person, but make another feel badly.
  • It often helps to speak about what you desire in the present tense i.e. instead of saying, “I will be married next year”: imagine and confess “I am married now, I have all my desires now, and I lack nothing.”
Step 3: RELAX!

Remember you are creating your future, start having fun with it, don’t let pressure build up and rob you of the joy this process creates.

And if you are still struggling feel free to Contact Shayne, who would be happy to go over a more specific plan for you.

Steps for Generating Positive Emotions

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