The transfer of thoughts

Being influenced by certain people and certain enviroments has caused us to think what we think and believe what we believe. These influences have shaped our personality and are the cause of the state of mind we walk around with on a daily basis.

Of course the great secret is our state of mind, or personality, determines what we experience.

Who we are, or more accurately, who we think we are, determines what we can achieve and have.

I doubt many of us, if any, chose our influences very wisely or really consciously at all. They were more likely thrust upon us at an early age before we could do anything else but accept them, and then learn to embrace them.

Then at a later stage in life we look at ourselves and our predicament and wonder “how the hell did I get here”!

But it’s never too late to change your influences, role models and teachers.

Choose your teachers carefully, based on what they’ve done and what they have achieved. Are they the type of person you would like to be, are they getting the sort of results you would like to achieve, do they have the type of life you would like to have.Once you have worked this out, hang out with them, associate with them as much as possible. Allow them to influence you, and be persuaded to believe what they believe.

Through close association you will replace your unwanted ideas, thoughts and beliefs. They will be replaced with the mindsets and attitudes of winners. You will become a new person as you absorb theses forces.

The magic is you don’t just get a new set of thoughts, you get a whole new experience.

Basicly you’ll get the results they get.

The transfer of thoughts

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