You Must Decide

Every day the world is waiting, watching, listening.
What will you choose next?

“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death,blessing and cursing: therefore choose life.” Deut 30;19

A great secret to the success of champions is so simple, yet a major stumbling block for most people.

It is not a coincidence champions decide what they want with great passion, and then with absolute conviction they comitt to that decision.

They refuse to change their mind.

The magic is not in the decision, but the comittment to the decision.

Everyone makes decisions all the time.

But to commit to a decision with a spirit that will not take no for an answer, now not many do that, and that’s what makes the world change.

Here is where most people slip up in trying to achieve success.

Most people spend a lot of time gathering facts. They mistakenly think if they have the right facts, they’ll be able to make the right decisions.

The secret to making successful decisions is not the facts on which you base your decision.

The magical power is in your comittment to the decision.

Therefore the successful choice for you will always be the one your comitted to.


  1. Decide what you want.
  2. Comitt to that decision daily with affirmations, visualisation, or whatever works best for you.
  3. Take logical, appropriate action toward achieving your goal.
  4. Be sensitive to inspirational ideas, or help from friends or strangers.
  5. Persist, be prepared for some temporary setbacks.
  6. Do not take no for an answer.
You Must Decide

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God Given Authority

God Given Authority

Authority, “the power or right to enforce obedience”.
God has given you all authority over your life.

For authority to be effective it must be properly understood.

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Rule Or Be Ruled

Rule Or Be Ruled

Without conscious thought, definite decisions and plans, your mind will be infiltrated by it’s enviroment.

If you haven’t taken a stand and made an absolute decision in a particular area of life, you’ve decided to go with the flow.

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The transfer of thoughts

The transfer of thoughts

Being influenced by certain people and certain enviroments has caused us to think what we think and believe what we believe. These influences have shaped our personality and are the cause of the state of mind we walk around with on a daily basis.

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Get a life

Get a life

Feeling dull, bored or depressed will cause heart failure.
If you’re not feeling excited, you’ve either taken your eyes off your dream or you haven’t got one.

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Past Messages

Past Messages

The Nature of Competition.
To understand the true nature of competition, you must first understand the principal of unity and oneness in the universe.

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Repeat these thoughts to yourself, speaking with passion and conviction, generating a feeling of confidence, power and excitement.

Or just quietly mull them over allowing them to sink deeply into your mind.

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